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Choosing Products

We offer professional OEM/ODM manufacutring.

Easy customization

Create/Edit your designs from online tool or send the file to us by e-mail.

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We validate every order for free so that the printing is perfect.

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Guide Center
Ordering Guide
1. How many ordering methods are available for website products?
The products provided by the website can set the logo text and add images. We offer the following two ordering methods:
First: buy online
We offer simple and convenient ordering to support online transaction payments.
Second: online consultation
When you are not sure if you have any questions, you can help solve your doubts through online chat.
2. How do websites set their own logos and product colors?
Click the logo custom button, you will enter all the pages that can be customized by logo, click on the small eyes appearing on the product image, you can view the main details of the product, choose the product to buy. Quantity, as well as some other product options, choose to complete, click the button design button to enter the design page, you can choose the product color, add logo, text, picture in the area, Once the design is complete, you will be taken to the payment page.